Tuesday, November 18, 2014

47 is a Prime Number

Today, my darling, the twins' diligent, determined, downright delightful Double Daddy turns 47.

In his honor, on this day, fifteen fun images. Why fifteen?
47 is the fifteenth prime number, after all.

Love you so much, Scott Lage.
Happy, happy, happy birthday...and MANY, MANY more!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mentorship Makes My Monday

When an young person wants to become an "official" member of our church, he/she selects an adult whom he/she would like to serve as a mentor. Never a parent or relative, that mentor spends hours one-on-one discussing with their ment-ee their shared faith, a bit about church history, and most importantly, friendship.

Back in early 2012, when He-Twin embarked on that path, his selected mentor was no surprise....it was Chris Crowley, known to many as "Pav" (a testimony to his Pavarotti-reminscent tenor) and/or the VCU "Ram Man."

In addition to Darren's and Chris' beliefs, the two have long-shared a similar sense of humor, enthusiasm, and mischief....

...not to mention the same taste in Wii games.

In 2013, on the occasion of his 30th birthday, Mr. Crowley decided he needed to make a change for his health's sake. He began training with the Seal Team physical training group daily and has lost upwards of 80 pounds. This Saturday, he ran---and completed---the Richmond Half Marathon.

Darren and Mr. Crowley's "official" mentorship concluded with Darren's baptism in April of 2012...but Chris' role-modeling clearly continues. His big personality, his big voice, his big heart, his big commitment....all safely housed in a less-big, more fit, body continue to inspire Darren...and all of us.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Way Back When-esday: Darling Drawers

Dateline: November 2003
Twins' Age: 2

Tiny hands with carefully held crayons warm my heart this mid-week.

Play along with Way Back When-esday...looking back with love since 2007!

Dive into those digital files and share a photo find on your blog. On Facebook. Via Twitter. On Instagram...whatever your social media venue(s) of choice. 

Be sure to include the hashtags #WBW and #Twinfatuation in order to share in the virtual photo album reverie! 

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