Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stayin' Alive...

...and true to her tastes and talents.

Dance has been a relative "late-comer" in She-Twin's palette of passions.

As a toddler, she was a compulsive artist....plowing through sketch pads, coloring books, and putting her MagnaDoodle to daily use. (She wore-out two.)

Music tastes beyond her years---and outside her era---have been in place since she was a wee toddler, when the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black" was her favorite song, and black her declared favorite color.

In so many ways, the teen years bring back to the fore toddler-like behaviors---the pushing of boundaries and exhibited desire for independence and self-sufficiency come immediately to mind.

So too, She-Twin's artistic leanings and eclectic music selections have been reactivated.
So too, my maternal desire to retain her art created with impermanent media....

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Way Back When-esday - Walk Like an Egyptian

Dateline: April 7, 2011
Twins' Age: 9

Not sure what provocation resulted in the Bangles'-esque outburst, but this glimpse of my goofy ones mid-gait warms my heart this mid-week.

Did you realize Twinfatuation was the originating host of Way Back When-esday?

We've been looking back with love since 2007... so please join in, play along!

Dive into those digital files and share a photo find on your blog and/or on our the new Twinfatuation Facebook Community Page...and encourage fellow moms to do the same!  
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Twin Touché - Episode #1

After catching She-Twin actually reading Twinspiration (2nd ed. advance copy) for the first time...

Mom (genuinely curious): "So what did you read about?"

She-Twin (matter-of-factly): "Read the part about spiritual upbringing, the part about all the different things you can do with baby wipes, and then the part about how we were born. That must've been awful when Darren got stuck in the birth canal."

Mom (honestly): "You know really, it wasn't all that bad; although you were much easier."

She-Twin (without missing a beat): "Still am."

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