Monday, May 21, 2007

Tae Kwon Don't

May just happens to be "Mom's Free" month at Master Cho's World Class Tae Kwon Do.

Sure, I've watched the kids dutifully learning their moves, and developing the consummately parent-pleasing trifecta of brain focus, eye focus and body focus. Truth be told, I could use a bit more why not?

With my complimentary doe-bo* donned (*that's tae kwon do uniform for the uninitiated), I marched myself out to a marker on the mat...flanked by my naively proud duo.

The precision and focus required for exercises that to all appearances look simple was astounding. To see the Lilliputian population able to perfect their form and accompany it with impressive vocalization was humbling indeed.

Assuming horse riding stance (you can imagine it---involves standing with legs bent and akimbo---as if astride an invisible pony---for prolonged periods, maybe 2-3 tiring minutes at a time) while I attempted to perform punches with precision accuracy had me feeling the Jane-Fonda-is-a-complete-wimp burn for days.

At session's end, Master Cho--with tremendous kindness (and undoubtedly a generous portion of sublimated amusement)--stood before the trio of flushed and overheated mamas. He shared with us the philosophy behind the practice...the wisdom of Eastern thought. Everything is a balance. Unlike most Western belief systems, you act based on your gut, not your brain.

When one area is weak, you indeed focus greater energy upon that area, but unflaggingly maintain the other.

Sounds a lot like twin parenting to me. Equally exhausting, but seemingly with equal reward.


Lori Hurley said...

Hi Cheryl,

My daughter started Tae Kwon Do about a month and a half ago. I am in amazement watching her little 5 year old body do things that I have never been able to do. I now have an even greater appreciation for her. You are a brave woman to get out there. I have toyed with the idea but ultimately, I am a chicken.

Lori Hurley

Deb said...

oh what a cute post. first, kudos for giving it a try... i think i would have begged off for sure!

your twins are adorable and i am glad you linked up. your perspective is certainly a unique one! have you come up for air yet?