Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh, the Twinsouciance....

My husband was right.
Repeatedly, he's warned me of "over-explaining" things to my intellectually porous pair---particularly Sarah, pictured above in all her sassy glory.

Just now, after bestowing a generous handful of Easter-pastel candy corn (I know, it's almost July, but the half-life of wax injected with highly concentrated sugar has got to be pretty lengthy, don't you think?), Sarah sighs contentedly popping the last one into her mouth, "Mmmmmmmm.....candy corn is really delicious, isn't it Mommy?"

I respond at half-attention, "Yes, it is."

Without missing a beat, and in an entirely justified you're-not-really-listening tone, she continues, "Mom, I'm being passive-aggressive."

Dental damage or no, I figured that deserved a second handful.

After all, she's more likely to lose her baby teeth sooner than I'll lose my sense of being mentally outmatched.

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