Friday, May 16, 2008

I Scream, Two Scream...

Perhaps I've been too restrictive (but we have demonstrated a past issue with running into the busy street), but I've been a bit reticent to jump on the Good Humor bandwagon...or ice cream truck as the case may be.

Yesterday was a stunningly temperate day, and post-school pick-up, we hung around the playground with a few friends. In the truest sense of American capitalism and entrepreneurial spirit, the ice cream man (not of the GH variety, a more home-grown imposter) blared his pre-recorded tinking music and "parked" right along the road behind the school playground.

Not a total curmudgeon, I did actually think to bring a fiver with me (just in case, it's not the first occasion wherein the treat peddler wisely syncronized his path of travel to the playground at its most populated rush hour).

Behold the aftermath:

Darren's TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) cream pop (complete with jawbreaker eyes) was downed before we could even get home. Sarah (as you can see) savored her Oreo covered ice cream bar to the point of apparent intoxication. (Look at those heavily-lidded eyes!)

As you can imagine, prices for said-sweets have risen significantly since my days of groveling for Push-Up pop change. $4.50 for two items. (True Mom Confessions: I naively thought I might afford a third for myself with the $5. Next time: a $10 bill!)


Laura said...

I remember (way back in the Brady Bunch era) when I was thoroughly appalled at the fact that the price of a Good Humor chocolate fudge cake ice cream bar went up to 30 cents! I was crushed.
Maybe the ice cream guys will start taking credit cards...then we will all really be in trouble.

Goddess in Progress said...

Niiiice.... :-)

There's an ice cream truck that comes down my street in the summertime, and the song he plays is just awful. It's Camptown Races or something similar, but it's now set to a terrible synthesizer drum beat, like it's gone techno or something. And in a somewhat creepy addition, when one song finishes and it's quiet for a second, there's now a woman's voice that calls "hello?", and then the next song starts. It's an effective attention-getter, because it makes you look around to see who's outside calling you. But it's really quite creepy...

TONYA said...

ha ha, love those messy icecream covered faces. So far I've been lucky and avoided that little truck when he comes up our street. My 12 year old will sometimes sneak out and get something but thankfully the twins are too young to understand.