Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beverage Boy and Guzzle Girl

He's a heavy drinker, our boy. And our daughter? Our daughter possesses quite the discerning palate.

Sent a couple of complimentary single-serve bottles to conduct an in-home juice tasting, here were our six-year-old twins' responses to the new Cranergy juice drinks by Ocean Spray:

Darren: "It's sweet. Mostly fruit-tasting. Doesn't taste like too much sugar, but it's terrific."

Sarah: "I didn't get to try any! Darren drank it all!"

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TONYA said...

Oh Sarah, she cracks me up.

bestfamily said...

LOL! At least she expressed her opinion honestly!

The Myers Family said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS! They are soo funny! I can't wait till mine are older and can talk to each other and to me..and have a real conversation like Hannah and i can have together!

BTW, i LOVE that stuff! I drink it EVERY's addicting..and between that drink and coffee...i'm good to go for a whole day of chasing kidos aroung! LOL!

Kelsey said...

This had me laughing out loud! They are like an older version of E and Y

Christine said...

Can't wait until I hear what they have to say about the 2028 BV Cabernet ;).