Thursday, June 5, 2008

Free to Be You and Me

Marlo Thomas has nothing on the lovely Laura of Catholic Teacher Musings. Earlier this week she featured a list of "The Great Dividers" -- things/items/entities that she actively dislikes, despite others' seeming affection for the same.

Certainly I wish for my twosome the freedom and liberty to discern and discover their passions, and their pariahs. As such, and in true role-modeling (and mimicking, thanks Laura!) form, here are my declared (and likely to be debated by many) dislikes:



The Beatles (okay, a clarification: I don't "dislike" them so much as I think they are vastly over-rated)

Cell phones
(especially conversations that seem to take precedence over real-life conversations)

Books by D.H. Lawrence

Sex and the City

Patrick Dempsey
(ditto the disclaimer under The Beatles)

Grey's Anatomy

White Zinfandel

Brown Liquor
(and yes, of course there is an experience-earned reason why...)

Adults that don't curb their cussing in the presence of kids or who talk as if they're not there

Watching team sports

Pearl Jam

Antique Furniture

There. I've said it -- and feel refreshingly purged. In all likelihood, I'll think of many, many more in the minutes following the moment I hit "publish."

Care to share your "I could do withouts?"



Tonya said...

Now I am wondering what my dislikes are!

Kelsey said...

Hmmmm Oprah!

BoufMom9 said...

HOLY COW! I think you dislike most of the popular things. (was that the idea? To pick things to really stop people in their tracks? LOL)

I think the only thing I would "argue" with you over is MASH. I LOVED it!
I do love the Beatles, but I get what you mean.

Great post! I may need to copy you on it and link back to yours. ;)

Goddess in Progress said...

American Idol.

Hate it.


Laura said...

Curiouser and curiouser....
Watermelon prejudice? What of the other melon family members? Dost thou hatest the honeydew and the cantelope?
What of Patrick Dempsey when he did that riveting performance in "Can't Buy Me Love" from the
80's? Now that was a "acting"

The Beatles were shoved in my face when I was a cute young lass in the late 60's and early 70's, so I am not a fan either. I appreciate them- nuff said.

This is entertaining me very much. And, since it IS my birthday- that's the name of the game.

BUT....I remember a long time ago Matt told me you eat circus peanuts (the foam marshmallow things). I need you to know that I have never known or SEEN anyone do that. I think you may need to do a Part II to this theme. (Things you like that few other people do.) You may sweep this category with the circus peanut situation.
Go ahead. Are ya scared?

TONYA said...

Okay, think I'm going to have to do this list.

Yours was some list. I do love antique furniture and Sex and the City but the rest of them I could certainly do without too :)