Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Fives (and a ten...)

Katie (the adorable mama of the adorable boys at The Harris Boys) tagged me for a pop quiz. Truly I love reading others' responses to memes out and about, so with glee (and an overdue sense of reciprocation), here are my responses:
(The lovely Donna of Our Heart's Journey tagged me for another; I'll comply gleefully in the coming days!)

The rules:
Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

What was I doing ten years ago?
Having been married only 3 years (at that time), I still was revelling in newlywed-dom. We had just purchased our first house (wherein we still live happily). Occupationally, I was mid-return to the field of video-post. Pregnancy (much less with twins) was not even in mind at the time.

What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today?
1. Take the kids to my grandpa's pool this morning.
2. Change Timmy the Fish's water (he's swimming in sludge)
3. Get ingredients for Daddy's favorite peanut-butter Hershey kiss cookies.
4. Run the kids by Daddy's office with balloons for a pre-Father's Day salute.
5. Laundry
(That was tough to edit down to only 5 -- today's list is a lengthy one...)

Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Balance bars
2. Zone bars
3. Power bars (see a pattern developing?)
4. blueberries
5. wasabi peanuts

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Pay off our house
2. Buy my mom a house (she hasn't lived in one her entire adult life)
3. Donate generously to melanoma and breast cancer research and our church
4. Sock away a portion (but not all needed) for kids' education. (They need to contribute!)
5. Get a time share at Hilton Head and/or Virginia Beach

Places I’ve lived:
1. Langley, Virginia
2. Alexandria, Virginia
3. Williamsburg, Virginia
4. Richmond, Virginia
(No fifth city!!!!!)

Jobs I’ve had:
1. Sales associate at an art shop
2. Waitron (yes, WAITRON. In the early days of de-gendering roles, rather than the commonly used "Server" popular now, we were told to self-reference as "Waitrons."
3. Pharmacy tech
4. Producer/Project Manager/Ops Manager for TV station and Video-edit facilities
5. Manager of Tour Services for a historic house museum
6. Writer/Editor for the content sites of The Parent Company
(That was tough to edit down to only 6 -- I've had LOTS of jobs!)

Throwing the gauntlet to the 5 friends below (and those who aren't listed below, I've got one in the wings for you! ;) ) for responses. Anyone else, please feel free to answer the questions as well. (and let me know you did, so I can go read 'em!)

1.) Tonya at A Day in My Life
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3.) Lissa at Adventures of a Twin Mommy
4.) Tracey at Handsome Van
5.) Kelsey at My Sweet Life

Happy Friday!
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Laura's Husband said...

What!? Circus Peanuts don't make the snack list? - that's just wrong.

Cheryl Lage said...

Don't you out me! ;)
Circus peanuts are a food group for me, not a snack!
(More on that later when I do the "positive" part two a la Laura!

TONYA said...

I'm expecting photos later on of the pre father's day madness at hubby's work. Have fun :)

I'm working on my post now.

Harris Boys said...

aw thanks for playing cheryl. and thanks for the sweet comments. I was a pharmacy tech too, I guess I forgot to mention that in my post. I was in retail pharmacy for 8 did I ever forget that!

Threeundertwo said...

Mmmmmmm peanut butter and hershey's kiss cookies. . .

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Yes, I have noticed that most had laundry on there list, however, I may be the only one that did not get to it!! lol

I enjoyed reading your list!!