Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Twinterior Design: Full Hands. Full Heart. Full House.

Matter occupies space. Twice the matter occupies twice the space.

Now granted, twins don't mandate double the equipment acquisition, but there are key (and space occupying) doublings that are unavoidable....especially in those newborn/toddler days.

Until Darren and Sarah were about three, anyone entering our home knew within minutes via our "decor," that we had twins in-house.

Early on some space conservation was feasible; for instance, we let our cuties co-sleep in the same crib, but before too long...

[Do note the perpendicular placement; it was the only workable way!]

The centerpiece of our living room was Darren and Sarah's beloved (old-school, over-sized) playpen...
(No negative comments, please. Hand to Heaven, Darren and Sarah literally begged us to get it back when we finally passed it along to a young pal...who found it equally enjoyable.)

They certainly couldn't a share a single (space-consuming on its own) high chair...

Or exersaucer...

Or bouncy seat...
Or car seat... But as is the case with all things baby/babies, they grow ever-so rapidly. With occasionally more-than-slight nostalgia upon each phase passed and each item outgrown, the home returns to a more easily navigated (fewer stubbed toes and banged knees) living space.

Parental (okay, mostly maternal) weepiness at the wondrous dual growth is miraculously soothed by the newfound elements that adorn a house with growing twins.

So for those mourning the passing of the cribs, the swings, the stroller, be of good cheer. Each passing day your twins will find new ways to fill the freed-up your home and in your heart.

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Barbara Manatee said...

We could never have survived without 2 bouncy seats! LIFESAVERS! We made it with 1 swing, 1 exersaucer and 1 Jumperoo but yes, had to use 2 of many other is starting to free up space...but there are plenty of toys left around to trip over!

Harris Boys said...

how true your words are Cheryl. Love all the framed art work, etc. I can't wait for those days...ahhh

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your kind words about Ethan. I've been so upset all night and just hate to see him in so much pain. ::knock on wood:: he's been sleeping for 2 hours now, hopefully he will continue to sleep and feel better in the am. I'm hoping to get an appt. fist thing tomorrow morning. Thanks again, you don't know how much your comment means.

Threeundertwo said...

So true. I was happy when we finally didn't have to trip over those two high chairs any more!

For me the hardest thing to adapt to was the double stroller. I felt like I was driving a semi.

TONYA said...

So very very true.

Love the silhouettes. I've had it on my wishlist for ages to get those done.

Sammi T. said...

The silhouettes, I love them also. I find so many great ideas from other mom blogs.
I think you have a couple of future artists there.
I was sad (for a short time) when we knew we were done with babies and it was time to sell off all the baby stuff.
Double the baby stuff soon becomes double the bikes, double the skateboards, double the scooters etc, etc.

TheHMC said...

Okay, I have to say.. who on earth would be negative about the playpen? I'm JEALOUS! Do you have any idea how long we looked for one of those "old school" ones? I still keep my eyes peeled even now and I won't even need one for much longer. Those things were the bomb!

I loooove the pictures of your babies! Even though I know they're not babies anymore..

Love the artwork too ;). Reminds me of my house. My Aunt made a sihouette similar to that for me years ago of my oldest two(during the hiatus before our last 3 were born). I think I need to recruit her in making another one for me now with ALL of my kids in it. Thanks for the reminder.