Friday, July 18, 2008

Li'l Juicy and Sir Smooth

Shamed into action by my amazing colleagues at the multiples mom blog cooperative, How Do You Do It? , who with amazing frequency bring their twosomes kitchenward -- not only to eat, but to prepare -- here was our snack time yesterday.

Darren sliced his own bananas, rinsed his own blueberries, scooped his own vanilla yogurt, added milk and ice cubes. [Averting tragedy, I leapt to action to secure the lid.] Darren selected "liquefy" to create his piece de resistance.

Not a fan of dairy or bananas, Sarah spied her Daddy's lime juicer, selected some robust oranges, added a pinch of turbinado sugar and ice cubes. Blood donors after sacrifice should have it so good. Looks like you can teach an old twin mama -- and her twins -- some new tricks!
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Renata said...

You are so brave, Cheryl - but it looks like both kids did a great job in fixing their own drinks! Congrats on the news as well - you'll do a fabulous job & must let us all know when the article is up!

Tracy said...

I learned this one from my older sister, who has two girls (now teenagers) that have loved making smoothies or icies from a very young age. And it's really not as messy as one would think. :)

A fun activity, and a healthy snack all in one!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

You should get bonus points for inviting them in the kitchen to make something so healthy. Nice job! I'm sure they loved it.

Laura said...

This is probably in poor taste...but um....can they make pina coladas?