Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Twinterview

How thrilled Darren and Sarah were to discover they'd been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, the wise and wonderful mama of Lit and Laundry. She's providing today's Tuesday Twinterview query -- to be answered in concert (as it were) since much to Sarah's consternation, the twins are iPod-free:

"What are seven songs you are into right now?"

"Brickhouse!" (by the Commodores, on the Pure Funk compilation CD)

Sarah: "Here Comes the Sun" (the KidzBop Gold version)
Darren: "I hate that song. Be sure to say so."

Sarah: "Jungle Boogie" (by Kool and the Gang, on the Pure Funk compilation CD)
Darren: "That's a good one."
Darren: "Happy Together" (the KidzBop Gold version)

Sarah: "Hey Ya" (by Outkast)

Sarah: "Dancin' With Myself" (by Generation X, from The Second Wave, a Starbucks CD. I know...I'm a bit embarrassed that I bought it, too.)

Darren: "...and 'Hey, Mike!'" (by Hot Peas N Butter, Volume 4, The Pod Squad)

Share which songs of summer are getting you and/or your twins moving this summer!

When you're done posting to your blog, share your playlist du jour widely by adding your link to our Tuesday Twinterview Mr. Linky below. Let's see which catchy tunes we can stick in friends' heads for the day!

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Threeundertwo said...

yeah! They came up with much better songs than I did. Clearly they love a good beat.

The Mom said...

Your kids have GREAT taste in music!

TONYA said...

Ha, loved that interview. So fun.

My kids are movin' and a groovin' to anything by Laurie Berkner. Mama here has got a little thing for the Dirty Sock Funtime Band ... yes I'm well aware that they do kids songs but there's just something about them ... could be a schoolgirl crush I think ha ha.

Tracy said...

Just wanted to give you a recommendation since it sounds like Darren and Sarah have great taste in music. The Barenaked Ladies have a new album out called "Snacktime" and it has a ton of fun, child-friendly songs on it. It's fun for adults, too.

Our current favorite is "7-8-9" as in, "7-ate-9." Hilarious.