Monday, July 7, 2008

What Would Simon Cowell Call It?

Cabaret? Karaoke? Completely forgetable?

The Kidz Bop Gold cover version of the B.J. Thomas classic "Hooked on a Feeling" might be fairly described by those rather unflattering critiques; but Sarah's morning set-up of Austin and the Backyard-i-Tones "singing" along to it? Mr. Cowell would have to give her crew extra credit for originality and stage presence. (Even if the band under her tutelage was undoubtedly playing and lip-synching to backing tracks...)

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Cynthia said...

How creative! (and what are those blocks called - are they Tinker Toys? I used to have those and LOVED them!!!)

MommyJ said...

I love to find other blogs about twins! I have four year old boy/girl twins, and two other boys, one older and one younger... I blog a lot about twins and just my kids in general... right now I'm hosting a giveaway for a great Chicco Double Stroller... all you have to do is leave a comment. Thought you and your readers might want to know!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Cynthia, they ARE Tinkertoys! We're so retro at our house!

And Mommy J, thanks for the heads up...I love your blog!

We're going to be offering a Chicco via this blog, great that we're both going to be able to hook up a multiples mama with some mobility! :)

Deanna said...

LOL...those guys are too cute!! My pre-k'ers LOVE the backyardagins!!!

Laura said...

This should be a post card.

TheHMC said...

Ahaha! Awesome!

My kids are hounding me for the latest KB CD. They're always hounding me for the latest KB CD, actually. Seeing that there is always a new one out.