Friday, August 1, 2008

Expecting Two -- in Haiku

It's Bad Haiku Festival Day!
Jump over to Catholic Teacher Musings, and share some syllables!

We're throwing our haiku hats in the ring...

Beware, Ye Squeamish
My pregnancy told in verse

Two babies in belly
Proved to be quite the surprise
All were excited

No morning sickness
One would think that was good news
It made me worry

One boy and one girl
Mama-to-be was hungry
Gas station hot dogs

Double cheeseburgers
Were two for two dollars then
You know that’s kismet

My food choices were bad?
I could get into discharge…
Let us not go there

Twin Daddy-to-be
My knight in shining armor
Today, he still is

Darren is our boy
Our daughter is Sarah Jane
Family of four
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Laura said...

That's the cutest (I mean haikutest) little poetic tale I've ever read.

Anyone who doesn't "get" the 2 burgers for 2 bucks a communist.

Bia said...

This was wonderful...what a great idea to tell a story in haiku!

I don't know about those gas station hot dogs, though...


Terri said...

cute little story! And a great picture to boot!

Eve Grey said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I have twins too and this is the first blog I've seen that's all about multiples. I'll get reading!

Renata said...

What a great post. well done saying that in haiku! - Lucky you to not have morning sickness - I did, but I still had to eat & eat & eat! Love the family pic!