Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

The amazing ThreeUnderTwo of Lit and Laundry invited me to offer a guest post while she and her precious progeny made pilgrimage to what I view as hallowed land.
Her blog is truly one of my very favorites; and she is one of the most kindred spirits I've yet to meet. Go check out the post, explore her blog and leave a comment! (Feel free to pop back over here and let me know what you thought!)

If you were looking to participate in Way Back When-esday, simply scroll down...we're playin'!

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noble pig said...

Lit & Laundry is always one of my daily stops..I'll be there later!

bestfamily said...

Loved it Cheryl! Walt Disney is definitely in my top 10! Who else in this world could make a child understand the difference of good and evil, doing right from wrong, and how to slay a dragon like Disney with his ever present cartoons!

Jenny said...

I'd thought the same thing about him! The main reason I love Disney is it's the biggest thing my dad and I have in common. We both LOVE going to Disney World. We went a couple of years ago and for a week or two after our return home I was in depressed Disney withdrawal. Next time we go I will get to share the magic with my little Suzi. I don't know when that'll be--hopefully before I get pregnant again, because I'd like to ride Space Mountain! Have you taken the twins yet?

Jen C. said...

The first 10 DVDs that I purchased when I moved out of my house and got to college were Disney classics. Love him, love him, love him.

Laura said...

I like her blog too. She's so clever it's almost intimidating.

Threeundertwo said...

Thank you so much for guest posting for me! It's so wonderful to go on vacation and know your blog is in good hands!

[and I'm going to frame some of the comments here!]