Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wrinkly Readers and Midlife Mamas

Interesting that this post follows Sarah's rather unflattering assessment of my visage, but as I am away from home base this weekend (My brother and I are with our Grandfather "Papa" -- going to see the Red Sox at Fenway for his 92nd birthday), thought now would be an ideal time to go with a giveaway!

Whether the folks at Frownies saw my picture somewhere and felt I needed them desperately, or they simply wanted to do something nice for Twinfatuation readers, I've got 2 boxes (one for between eyes and forehead, the other for the corners of eyes and mouth), each with 144 patches to bestow upon a woman I will trust is simply creased by loving life and/or furrowed by the occasional parental fretting.

Dubbed as "Hollywood's Beauty Secret," they're dermatologist-approved, are used by make-up artists, and have been on the market since 1889. The retro-fun packaging looks as if they could have just been lifted from Lucy Ricardo's vanity table.

Game? Add a comment (no more than one a day please -- feel free to share what causes your wrinkles if you must) and next Sunday, September 7th, I'll put to the test to determine our winner.
Wishing us all youthful spirits AND faces!
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Terri said...

What causes my wrinkles? Are you kidding me? Simple. 5 kids!!

Bia said...

The cause? The only female in a household of boys...I definitely need my own bathroom.

But only 144 patches? I would need like 144 BOXES of 144 patches. That should just about do it!


Laura said...

The actress Andie McDowell swears by these.
AND the reason I have a forehead of wrinkles is because I used baby oil and iodine combinations on my FACE during the late 70's and early 80's.
AND because on top of that, I'm always saying HUH? And wrinkling up my face in confusion.

Lauri said...

Pick me random picking machine

Missy said...

Um, twins??? Is that a good reason for wrinkles.

Oh, be sure to check out my blog - I am hosting my first give-a-way!

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, so I am going to be a meanie and say... I have no wrinkles yet. Just very lucky as I am almost 37.... I must have good genes as my 90 year old grandmother looks 70 :)
Plus, I never go anywhere without sunscreen.

I have heard great things about these though.

Harris Boys said...

I would love these for about 10 yrs from now...don't hate me either. I'm like debi, I don't go out in the sun without sunscreen.

ps. I have a few around my eyes

TONYA said...

Thankfully I have no wrinkles yet, but I'm sure that I'll be knee deep in them by the time these 2 start school LOL.

Nancy said...

hm. I haven't checked to see if I have wrinkles lately. Perhaps I'm just in denial. I think my freckles cover them. heh I suppose I have those darn crow's feet ... but sheesh - am I supposed to stop LAUGHING? ;)