Saturday, September 27, 2008

The French Connection

When Mama is hobbled by a slipped disc (feel free to leave me comments of sympathy), an afterschool double kid cuddle and lengthy Tale of Despereaux read-aloud session works curative wonders...perhaps surpassing those of hydrocodone. (Don't tell my doctor; I might want a refill.)

Curious about their comprehension and attention to detail, and wanting to bring Double Daddy into the sensational story circle, here's last night's dinner table dialogue:

Mommy: "So why do you think it was that Miggery Sow couldn't hear very well?" [Both hands shoot up in the air. Great job, first grade teachers!] Sarah?"

Sarah: "She had too many clouts to the ear!"

Mommy: "Right! What is Roscuro the rat's nickname short for?" [Hands aloft, and waving] Darren?"

Darren: "Chiaroscuro!"

Mommy: "Correct! What did Miggery Sow's father trade her for? Sarah?"

Sarah: "A red tablecloth, a hen and a handful of cigarettes!"

Mommy: "Exactly right!"

Daddy: "What does Jerry Lewis say? [Squeals of laughter and hands shoot up] Darren?"


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Gibson Twins said...

Hope the pain subsides permanently for you!

What smarties you have! That is amazing for 1st grade!!

Ryan always laughs at me when I make the kids say all kinds of things for him- it's like personal entertainment for me to hear them talking (and now talking back!).

Julie B. said...

So sorry about your shoulder has been killing me lately and I'm SO looking forward to the percocet I'll get after delivery...I know...BAD mommy! Your kids comprehension is REALLY impressive...especially great for listening!

Laura said...

Nothing heals a hurtin' back lot a reading circle.
That's what I always say.

Hey laaaadddddy...I hope you are up and around in no time.

noble pig said...

I think I need a reading

noble pig said...

I think I need a reading

beth - total mom haircut said...

Slipped disc?! My goodness - did I miss something here? So sorry to hear about that. But your kids are getting a fine education as a result:)

nikole said...

oh, honey, I'm so sorry about your back! Ouch!

Be on the lookout for an email from me later tonight....

Harris Boys said...

your post never cease to make me laugh, what smart kids you have and great table manners.

Harris Boys said...

meant to add..I hope your back feels dad went thru a back surgery and deals with the pain on a daily basis. ::HUGS::

Nancy said...

LOL! Your kids are so worldly :D

I hope your back feels better soon!!

Threeundertwo said...

I am so sorry about your poor back, but I think Daddy wins this round. How funny.

Our Family Vacations said...

I absolutely lurve the last question in your little pop quiz :)