Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Twinterview: The First Grade Edition

"So now that you've had your first day, tell me about the things you like best so far about this school year?" (This asked after 30+ minutes of homework...)

Darren: "I like going to play at recess. It's fun, and can also help you learn. My teacher is very nice...he'll teach us a lot, like right from wrong."

Sarah (with out-of-character brevity): "Everything!"

Do share your kid(s)' -- twins or not -- first impressions of school so far...and let us know when you've done so by adding your link below!

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Donna said...

That's one red-hot smokin red shirt!! And one HUGE pink backpack! ;-)

Thanks goodness Darren has a teacher to teach him right from wrong.

So glad the day went off well - hope Mom did just as well.

Harris Boys said...

love it!! glad to hear the first day went so well.

Renata said...

I can't believe how much homework they had for grade 1 - & on their first day! Love the pink backpack - too cute!

Barbara Manatee said...

what kid DOESN'T love recess!?! Heck, as a teacher, its one of my favorite parts of the day, too! hehe!

Kelsey said...

30 minutes of homework? Crazy!

Nancy said...

My kids don't start school until next week! (pre-school)

What a great shirt Darren is wearing! (Sarah's is pretty cute too).

Can Sarah fit into her backpack?

Aimee said...

Can I just say that I love Darren's peace sign?! Very hip :)