Friday, November 14, 2008

More Blessed to Give...

Trust me; I love receiving bloggilicious awards like the one above. Embarrassingly, I tend to keep 'em in my back pocket (and on my sidebar) for a "future post," then all too often, I neglect to pass along the love within a reasonable span of time. Perhaps with autumn's progression, it's time to turn over a new leaf and get with the goodness!

So, THANK YOU to Nancy at The Zimmer Zoo (a regular read for me, and what darlin' babies she has...) for the Superior Scribbler Award.

Here are the rules:

Post the award on your blog.

Link to the person who gave it to you.

Link to the originating post - (and go add your name to the ever-growing list).

Pass the award on to 5 people.

Post the rules for the recipients.

The 5 Superior Scribes to whom I bestow this award are the women behind the words on:

More MereCatherine

Giovanna Diaries

Noble Pig

Lit and Laundry

Yes, and So is My Heart

Catholic Teacher Musings

If you don't already, you must go read the five fab writers above. What?!? That's six, you say?
Stop counting and go read 'em!

Stay tuned, I'll be awarding a LONG overdue group of gals (and maybe a guy or two...) the "Super Commenter" award in the next few days. New mantra: Laurels are for passing, not for sitting. Kudos comin', People. Get ready!

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Today, I am thankful...

for Sarah's insightfulness (or is that simply "insight"?) and consideration. When Darren's teacher needed to let me in on something that happened in class yesterday, Sarah, who was dropping off Darren with me, piped up with, "This doesn't sound like any of my business. I'm going to my class. Love you, Mom." That's my girl.

for Darren's tears when his teacher informed me of his behavioral lapse yesterday that Darren himself conveniently "forgot" to share. Also forgotten? A homework assignment that was to have been completed in connection with that incident that went undone. Tears indicate regret, remorse. I'm thankful for them.

Double Daddy and I are in agreement that our children will -- and must -- make mistakes in school and elsewhere; and that we, as their parents, need to allow them to experience the consequences without parental interference.


Surcie said...

Ooh! All blogs I've never visited. This is great.

Giovanna Diaries said...

Why thank you :)
Blush Blush!

cat said...

You deserve it Cheryl - congratulations!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Congrats on your award!

Gwendolyn said...

I have so many awards that I keep forgetting to post about. People are going to start thinking that I'm an award scrooge.

Threeundertwo said...

Thank you!! I love awards, but I think I'm the worst at passing them along with the rules. I really must do this this weekend.

Thanks for always being there for me!

- 2/3

Harris Boys said...

I'm so bad about re-giving awards out. yay for you!!!

happy friday :)

noble pig said...

Oh thank you my dear Watson!

MereCat said...

Hey, wow! Thanks! You are much too kind.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Thanks so much! And congrats to you!