Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Synopsis of a Snack

Pal J: "Mrs. L., these cookies are flawless."

Me: "What a nice thing to say, J, and what a great word! Could you tell Sarah what that means?"

Pal J:
"It means really, really good."

"Absolutely. You're exactly right. Something is flawless if there is absolutely nothing wrong with it."

Sarah: "J, you are flawless!"

[long pause for cookie eating]

Pal J (with incredible kindness and sincerity): "Sarah, you are the flawless-est."

Sarah (laughing): "You are!"

Pal J: "No, you are!"

Yes, I serve playdate snacks by candlelight, along with milk in bowls for easy dipping access. Take that, Martha Stewart.
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noble pig said...

I serve milk in bowls too, I mean duh, it makes the most sense. And there are always eighteen candles burning over yeah for moms and cool playdates.

Harris Boys said...

cute picture. I'll have to remember the milk in a bowl trick :) thanks!

nikole said...

This is too sweet!

I want to come to snack time at your house! Yum!

Jenni Jiggety said...

You all are flawlessly fancy at your house when it is snack time!

Missy said...

Yum! Can Abby, Emma & I be the next snack dates? I will have to remember the bowls, candles, etc.

Jen B. said...

How sweet!

rachael said...

what a cute conversation! love the milk in a bowl idea...i am so gonna steal that!

Just me said...

How cute:) I like the milk in the bowl trick!

breelyn_faith said...

I love the way you serve those cookies! I'm sure the kids love it.

cc said...

Martha Stewart has NOTHING on you! I wouldn't have thought of the milk in bowls trick!

Love that you serve them by candlelight! Too cute!

I, too, want to come for cookies at your house!

Kim H. said...

I LOVE IT! That totally made me chuckle this morning - that's gotta absolutely be the cutest little thing ever! It's true - kids do say the darndest things. And wow, what a compliment - flawless cookies! :)

And the bowls are a great idea...I want to come to your house for a grown-up playdate just for your milk and cookies! :)

MereCat said...

There's nothing better than flawless friendship.

Nancy said...

You are the coolest - I mean flawless-est - mom ever! :)