Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Caesar's Ghost, It's Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine!

With a titular tip of the hat to the Ides of March, here's the latest edition of Liner Notes from the Lage Twins:
Sarah says:
"I really like 'Hey Little Puppy,' 'We R Super Heroes,' and 'Fee Fi Fo, Fee Fi Fum.' Oh--and I really like 'Laughing,' too. The little mouse's voice in 'Fee Fi Fo' is awesome. The booklet is just so cute; I love the art. It's happy-go-lucky music. I give it an 'A+'."
Darren says:
"I really like 'I Am a Clock,' 'Hey Little Puppy,' 'Gravity,' 'Boom, Boom,' and 'I Love the Animals.' The art is great. I just love the comic book. I feel like dancing when I hear this music. I give it an 'A+'."
Mama says: "As I now prepare to type my feelings about Mr. Bobbert's bubbly offering, the kids are coloring and singing 'The Mighty, Mighty Elephant,' a song neither mentioned as their favorite; but clearly, both like it. Sarah just seamlessly segued into 'The Little Duck.' All eleven songs--all eleven songs--on this CD are musically catchy, and each tells a wonderful story. Reading the background information on Robbert Bobbert (a.k.a. Robert Schneider, the renaissance mind behind indie group The Apples in Stereo and just for good measure, a mathematical genius), it's clear his intellect impacts his musical composition (e.g. 'Gravity,' my personal favorite). The lively, playful accompanying artwork by Todd Webb was an unexpected added bonus. With happy hooks that dispense empirical and educational truths, this is a CD I pop in the minivan player without hesitation. No need to skip songs that convey tone or talk our family doesn't endorse because there's none of it here. Along with my twins, I give Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine an A+."
Want to win a copy? (And seriously, you should...) Go on over to the Robbert Bobbert website and give a quick listen to the songs. Come back and comment with the tune title that gets your -- or your kids' -- toes tapping and you'll be entered to win one of FIVE copies! Go listen (before 8PM Wednesday when will pick the winners), and GOOD LUCK!
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PS - Don't forget: Tomorrow is Makes My Monday -- be sure to find an image or a story that makes your week's beginning wonderful, and get ready to play along!


MommyAmy said...

I'm thinkin' I like We R Superheroes the best.

Tracey said...

We are leaning toward Boom Boom since that's a word we can pronounce around here! Fun stuff!!

Terra said...

that looks really cute!

Jules said...

I'll have to check it out. Do you think it is okay for an 8 y/o??
Sounds like your little ones had a blast with it!

Take care!! ;0)
P.S. you have an award waiting to be picked up on my blog!!!!!

Missy said...

Oh, how cute! Abby, Emma & I really like We R Super Heroes!!!

Goddess in Progress said...

Super cute! Oh, and I think the Little Duck is my favorite. We're big duck fans over here. :-)

MommyJ said...

Gravity was fun... they all were!

Anonymous said...

We like, "Hey little puppy", the girls are bopping around like crazies. It reminds me of singing to the oldies----love it!

shel said...

Hard to pick just one. I have twins and one seemed to like Little Duck and the other We R Super Heroes.

Stephanie said...

'Gravity' and 'Fee Fi Fo-Fee Fi Fum' are backwards on the ilike site.

But my kids definitely like Fee Fi Fo Fee Fi Fum the best!

Anonymous said...

The We R Superheroes was just some catchy, toe-tappin' fun!

Donna said...

R you kiddin me!?! "The Mighty, Mighty Elephant" had them sprinting from across the house with delights of "Mommy, Mommy - what's that!?! More, Mommy! MORE!!!"

We MUST have it! Great find, Cheryl!

Jenn said...

This is great! Your blog background is fantastic too!!