Sunday, May 17, 2009

A is for Apple Cinnamon-Filled

How we appreciate businesses that give back to the community...especially when doughnuts are what's given back! For each "A" received in a Krispy Kreme determined "major subject," grade-schoolers get a glazed goodie. D is for deeeeee-licious.A is also for appreciation. Today marked the first Sunday without our beloved Stuart Slusher in attendance at church. We've all felt the thoughts and prayers of support and love. Please keep them going for the Slusher family.

Tomorrow is Makes My sure and find a fun week's beginning brightener, and get ready to share!
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Missy said...

A is for allergic to cinnamon. (hehehee I truly am allergic) but oh how I love Krispy Kreme!
Sending hugs your way and my prayers and thoughts are still be said for you all and Stuart's family!
See tomorrow with Makes My Monday

Tracy said...

Yum!!!!! Makes me want to drive to the closest Krispy Kreme, and trust me, there isn't one "close."

Barbara Manatee said... jealous! Our Krispy Kreme just closed down! I'm not even sure where the next closest one would be now b/c I think the one by my parents closed down, too! :-(

They are sooo yummy!

Kudos to the kids for their great grades!

Terra said...

Oh Cheryl, I imagine today was in fact very hard. I am sure no donut could fix those feelings either. Extra hugs for your kids tonight.

Annie said...

Our krispy kreme store is about 2 hours from our house. No donuts for me.

Have a nice week.

BoufMom9 said...

I do love that they do fantastic fundraisers! Our youth group has done them a few times. YUMMY!
Been keeping you in my prayers and will certainly be keeping Stuart's family in mine as well.

Laura said...

With donuts as an incentive....
"I coulda been a contenda"