Friday, May 29, 2009

A Mom's Garden of Verses

Back with a vengeance
I've missed Bad Haiku Friday
I just can't quit you

Flat Stanley is home
With photos and sand to share
Who knew he cross-dressed?

Long-suffering keys
Dented, with letters worn off
Where are A-E-N?

Now in our 40's
One might think us way too old
Cracker show Sunday

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Terra said...

Bad Haiku Friday
Makes me smile at my screen
Thanks for sharing them

Tracy said...

I'm not even going to try. :)

My godson's class did a Flat Stanley project way back when. I was living in California (LA) at the time, so they sent me "Flat Sam" and I took him EVERYWHERE (Hollywood sign, the beach, Legoland.) Put together a scrapbook with pictures, brochures, facts and figures. Do you know, the class favorite was of a Flat Kid who got to ride in the cockpit with the pilots? Darn it all.

Rachael said...

hi flat stanley! he visited us last year :)

love your keyboard, it looks just like my old laptop did!

Helene said...

I'm not creative enough to join in but I loved yours!!! It put a smile on my face this morning!!!

Nancy said...


Laura said...

I love the whole flat stanley thing...inspirational silliness.

Myg said...

I am sooo glad to know that Flat Stanley is still alive and well. I was a huge fan as a kid myself.