Friday, August 28, 2009

Secret Phobias in Syllables

Secret phobias?
Pretty open with my fears--
Let me think a bit...

A glimpse of road kill
Will put me in a tail spin
I can't bear to look

Made a big mistake
Lunchboxes went unemptied
From last day of school

Just now found the spoils
Containers with remainders
Won't share a photo

Have a fear you'd like to opine upon poetically? Play along with Laura's Bad Haiku Friday!
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Laura said...

Was there fuzz and interesting odors involved?
So funny.
So very very funny.
Sometimes I will find an orange at the bottom of my bookbag.
A fuzzy, stinky, rotten orange.
Not nice.

Terra said...

I have seen the inside of that lunch box (or one just like it) and the whole thing hit the dumpster faster than a fly on....

Lee Strong said...

Ah yes, I remember once opening a lunch box thermos that had been lingering in a young one's bedroom for two months .....

Bia said...

I did the lunchbox thing recently. The results: a pantry full of ants.