Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Not Easy Craving Green

No, not money or an eco-friendly lifestyle...I crave GREEN.

Literally GREEN. As in the color.

Since the days earliest memory, it's always been my favorite.

Playing Parcheesi?
Pass me the green pieces, please.
Notebooks for school?
Dive through the stacks to purchase all the green ones.
Jolly Ranchers? M&M's? Pop-Ice?
Flavor is unimportant; I want the green.
When it came to picking a college?
I'd be lying to say the school colors didn't matter.
The color of my signature at the end of each blog post?
Not a coincidence.

If our surname didn't end with the "eee" sound, Kelly would have been high ranking on my list of girl name possibilities. Maybe even Forest for the boy child. (Of course Forest Lage---pronounced Loggy---raises further issues...) Even now, my pens, my datebooks, my sunglasses...all green.

Seriously. I think I have a problem.
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Kari (TwinMamaLoves) said...

I am very much with you on that. I am into green as well. Can't put a finger on when it happened. I think it is a gradual sort of thing that can sneak up on you. Love it though. It's my "go to" color. Especially for sweaters, jewelry, kids clothes, home decor....pretty much everything.

cat said...

Oh gosh, I love those green handbags. I just love bags and shoes in any colour ;). My BFF also loves green - her nickname at college was "GRoenie" - translate - Greenie.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Green is my fave! I am only the green-eyed person in our family of four (everyone else is blue eyed). Does it make me the oddball - nope just the cool one - Ha! I love your gorgeous green handbags!!!
Seriously, I used to work with a lady whose last name was green & she named her son Hunter - Hunter Green. A little much, right?

Dana said...

I took a True Colors Test once, and this was the result. hmmm....

Terra said...

Isn't their something they say about green? especially with green m&m's????????

Scott said...

how can anything be a problem when it's green! Too you do have a lotta purses!!

Nancy said...

Oh I KNEW we were kindred spirits :)

There was probably about a year in my life where I hated the color green...simply because my mother *always* dressed me in it ("It goes so nicely with your hair, Nancy!")...but then I grew up and realized that she was right and hey - it's a great color!!

oh, and my college colors were green and gold LOL!

Annie said...

Green is a beautiful color.

Those handbags are wonderful.

Laura said...

Green has been my favorite color for years.
Great minds think alike.

Laura said...

Oh...and in high school?
I used to drive around to every 7-11 until I found one that had LIME slurpees.