Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Snapshots: Tree-ts

Sarah made "Koala" snacks for us to enjoy this morning, using her A Girl's Book for reference. She wants to share her modified recipe:

"First, you get an apple, and you wash it. Then, you use an apple cutter to cut the apple in slices. Then, you get peanut butter--any kind of peanut butter is fine--and spread it around on the top line only of the apples. Then, you get marshmallows and raisins and make a little face. There's your koala!"

Despite many lost elements, Darren and Sarah spent the morning reconfiguring their remaining Playmobil pieces into a wildlife refuge and treehouse. Two and a half hours later, and they're still playing. Our weekend is off to a delicious, delightful start.
How's your weekend looking thus far?

Post a picture...or two, or three...and share a glimpse...

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Just Breathe said...

Thank you Sarah, they look so cute.
I will have to try them for some of my friends children. I use to love the days when my kids would play together, enjoying each others company. It didn't happen all the time, it was rare. Our son is coming over today to visit with his best girl. They recently bought a condo in LA, in a great area. My husband will be going up their way tomorrow to help them paint. I will stay home with the puppy. She is invited but with them painting I am sure she would get in the way.

BoufMom9 said...

LOVE PlayMobile! One of my favorite toys!!!

Those apples look very yummy :)

mommytoalot said...

those look so cool and the treats..mmmmm mmmmmmmm good.
i will play along next week..this Sat. I was asking for prayers..hopefully even though i didnt' get many comments people read my post and have prayed for this little boy

cat said...

Great recipe Sarah.I love toys that just continues being played with for years. Here you seldom see playmobil and very very expensive.

Bethany said...

Those are so cute! I love koalas :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for adding me!! I send the shot from my phone and then usually come over here and add the shot later in the day...but wasn't in front of my computer all weekend. :)

I absolutely *LOVE* those koalas!! Sarah's so imaginative :)