Thursday, November 5, 2009

Takes One to Know One

Most of us twin parents---who aren't twins ourselves---ardently endeavor to determine how our actions are impacting our near-simultaneously born duos.

Imagine my glee when in my in-box appeared an email from Abigail Pogrebin, the author of the brand-new and best-selling book, One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to be Singular (Doubleday, November 2009).

Maybe you heard her interview on NPR. Perhaps you caught her---and her twin sister, Robin---on The Today Show. She's candid, she's caring, and she's going to answer some Twinfatuation readers' questions!

As a parent of twins, what would you like to know about the twin relationship from one who knows first hand---and who spoke to many, many other twin pairs? What types of parenting tips would you like to know "work well" for twin-blessed families, from the twins' perspectives?
Not a twin or a twin parent but curious? Pose your questions!

Abigail is a remarkable resource, and has made herself incredibly accessible to Twinfatuation place your questions in a comment below anytime before this Sunday, November 8th, at 5pm EST. We'll coalesce the most-frequently asked questions, along with some of the most provoking, into an e-interview to pose to the author.

One lucky reader who either asks a question or comments thoughtfully on the final interview (or both, doubling their chances) will win a copy of Abigail's book, courtesy of the author herself!

Go ahead. Ask away...I've got questions percolating, too!

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Donna said...

I've heard over and over again that twins want to be treated separately, seen as individuals. By their parents/family. And by others. I get that. Completely.

But I want to know HOW. Specifically how to do that. How does a parent create a world where each child feels they are seen as individuals?? I may *think* I'm doing it. But how do I know? I'm parenting from a singleton perspective.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Ooooh, I can not wait. I will have to think of some. How sweet of her! Be back soon with my questions.

Sara said...

I am SO excited by this!

My questions

-What is your first negative memory that had to do with your parents and your sister? (in other words) How can I not scar my 2? :-)

-I try my very hardest to keep in mind that these girls are 2 separate people with different tastes, feelings, and needs. But honestly, it is running me ragged because sometimes I do different nap times, different snacks, different meals just to accommodate them. Is this really necessary?

-How do you feel about the whole classroom question? Together or separate?

I can't wait to hear all the other questions.

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

My girlfriend linked me up to her interview .. as if we don't have enough to worry about! :)

Here's my question: As a mother of identical twin boys, should I expect them to be close, or always competitive? Right now, they are fighting all the time!

in time out said...

Wow, I bow to all of you. Don't have twins. My sister does, and they are identical but as different as day and night. I can't even imagine going through the stages of parenting with two of any of my four single born kids. have two of any one of them....SO, My hats off to you all, GOOD LUCK and I will be following the progress of this post, as well as stopping in as often as I can.

My question...[and I don't need the should go to someone with twins...] is, HOW DO WE HELP THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE TWINS?

I should have said questionS!!!

What is the most annoying thing people say to you, or ask you?

How can be be the best support?

I guess I am wondering if we really help or hinder, because everyone has advice, but getting advice from someone who doesn't have twins, well, we can't even begin to understand. I think that once they get older their has to be different challenges but still challenges, and still unique to the twin situation..

Geez...I should have just blogged this. much to say.

Best wishes to you all.