Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Haiku

The stockings are hung,
And the bushes have their lights.
We just need the tree.

Boys' are together
And the girls' are side by side
Ready to be filled!

Christmas is coming
Along with the Advent wreath
Fetters wear red socks!

Know it's inside joke,
But the card is hung with pride
One of first received

Santa's nose is red
One assumes it's from the cold
Mine's red from blowing

I really should sleep
Tomorrow will be here soon
Yet on I ramble

Such bad poetry
Seems easy when exhausted
Later? Embarrassed.

Off to bed I go
Sugarplums dance in my head
A Hershey kiss first...

On Friday, will read
All the haikus of my friends
and have my regrets

So now, a goodnight
Parting is such sweet sorrow--
My pillow does call.
Join in the bad poetry fun with Laura at Catholic Teacher Musings' Fa-la-la Bad Haiku Festival!
Merry Christmas!
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BoufMom9 said...

LOL! I think we might have twin red noses ;)

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

First, I agree with what the Chinese guy says...and is that Elvis in front of your fireplace?
Great EPIC bad haiku!!
You little story teller you.

Annie said...

It looks pretty.

Happy Friday!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Terra said...

I hope Laura posts her socks again this year!!!!

Bia said...

The oriental message was asking, "WHO HAS THE BIG STOCKING??"

and, I want to know...was that hershey's kiss a real candy kiss or a play on a sweet goodnight kiss?

Kim H. said...

Okay, Cheryl, you're one crafty little haiku writer! :) Bad Haiku, I think not!

Thanks for the chuckles!


Barbara Manatee said...

love 'em all!!! LOL!

As for the Hershey's kisses...are they the candy cane ones??? mmmmmm!!!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I've got a Rudolph nose, and, looking around me here, there are a few more twinkling. :) Love these! What fun Laura's contests are!

Bonnie said...

I love it!! Sorry about your red nose!

Bethany said...

Very cute haiku!! I can't believe Christmas is so darn close!

I LOVE YOU said...


Anonymous said...