Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Should Auld Resolutions Be Forgot

The concept of New Year's resolutions has always grated on me....

Each day, each minute, is a fresh opportunity to focus and redirect with vigorous enthusiasm our commitment to personal goals and self-betterment.

Now that our twins are 8, they're hearing TV commercials ad nauseum exhorting viewers to embark on all sorts of New Year motivated missions: to stop smoking, to lose unwanted pounds, to "be ready for intimacy." (Thanks a LOT, Cialis.) Aside from explaining topics I'd rather not to my kids, it hit me this year that we could easily dovetail some more positive/pro-active goal-setting with the timing of the New Year.

How about resolving to learn to ride a two-wheeler? To tie our shoes with greater speed, comfort and efficacy? (Thanks for easing our procrastination tendencies, Velcro closures and mock Vans.) To treat each other with kindness and support? No time limits, just some additional motivation to accomplish worthwhile goals in 2010. Think I'll also use extra care in how I address/word my goals for the new year---making sure they don't smack of superficial (re: "lose weight"), and instead are based in health (re: exercise more regularly) and happiness.

Have you thought about goals for yourself or your family in this new year...or tomorrow?

Do tell!
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Brooke said...

Our family goal is game night once a week. I bought a few games that the little ones should be able to play.

My personal goal is to run my first half marathon and since I am signed up, that means I have to do it, right?

Oh boy...those commercials, yikes!!!

cat said...

I really hate those type of commercials (the intimate ones).I always try not to make too many resolutions.

noble pig said...

My kids always ask me about cialis...I hate it!!! I don't make resolutions out loud, then I know I'll fail, lol.

Terra said...

I loved this one

To treat each other with kindness and support?

Thank you Cheryl. You know I love it everytime I stop by!

Anonymous said...

My goal (and I hope I can live up to it) is to stop worrying about tomorrow and spend more time enjoying today.

Mary Ann Waters

BoufMom9 said...

Our goal is to remember what our family really is all about :)

No resolutions, just resolve.

Corrie said...

I've exercised every day this week! Find more joy.