Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Snapshot: Can't Explain

With a sturdy soundtrack of The Who in the background, Darren and Sarah are amidst an intense Playmobil treehouse construction session. Adding to the challenge, the fact that numerous key elements for the structure have vanished since we acquired the set years ago. Makes for some impressive architectural innovations.


Sarah: "'I hope I die before I get old?' That's a sad thing to think. I bet they don't really mean that."

Darren (as a bedheaded Daddy peeked in the playroom): "You look like you are in a video game. You should wear your hair like that all the time."

How's your weekend looking---or sounding---so far?

Post a picture...or two, or three...and share a peek!

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Dorothy said...

I'll have a great weekend doing nothing..Wishing you the same.

Dorothy from grammoloyg

Muthering Heights said...


So far, it's been pretty boring...but with three kids, three and under, that is NOT a bad thing! :)

Threeundertwo said...

Ha ha! Do they play Animal Crossing? That game gives players bedhead if they haven't logged on in a while. And weeds. It's a little too realistic for me.

debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! Doesn't it kill you the stuff they pick up in song lyrics? My kids noticed that line too!

Why oh why do we always lose those Play Mobile parts????

Terra said...

we have lots of playmobile...Playmobile has lots of small pieces...I have a list of all our missing pieces hanging next to my computer...I look at it daily...but haven't called for replacements yet.

Nancy said...

*phew* Just catching up on all of my links...hard to link up through my phone...and hard to get in front of a computer when there's company here! LOL

ANYWAY...What was Double Daddy's response? Is he going to try for a new bedhead look? :)