Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday-Sunday Snapshot: Going Postal

Periodically throughout the year we get "Stamp Out Hunger" flyers along with our daily mail. USPS mail carriers pick up grocery bags of canned goods when out on the designated day's delivery route.

When I noticed the Campbell's brand logo as a sponsor of the event, it solidified my firmly held belief that despite vociferous "anti-corporation" sentiments so popularly held, there are many, many successful, large-scale businesses that do care and give back. Granted, I already knew Campbell's through their sister-company Pepperidge Farm "gave back" to parents via the FishfulThinking program (with which I've long been proudly affiliated), but this compassionate--and similarly connected gesture---bolstered my confidence even more. Big business does not equal evil...and in this instance, quite the contrary! 

So our weekend began as Sarah piled some tuna, corn, muffin mix and beans into our bag for Mr. Bob the Mailman. He should be here any minute!

How's your weekend looking?

Post a picture...or two, or three...and share a peek!

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varunner said...

We did this today too and I recruited my 3 yr old to help. After explaining in simple terms what we were doing we went in the pantry to pick out some foods. And he informed me that "the hungry people don't want any chocolate pudding Mommy". Apparently, they only like things like vegetables and tomato soup.

Christina said...

Awesome! :)

Jeremi said...

Yup!! So true : )