Thursday, June 17, 2010

Backseat Banter; Part II

...or alternatively titled, Size Does Matter.

Driving to Darren's tae kwon do lesson, in the days following a visit to cousins' birthday party...

Darren (with authority): "You know, everyone knows I am older* than Sarah because I am so much taller."
[*by a whopping seven minutes.---CRL]

Mommy (with authority): "You cannot always determine the facts about a person---or people---by the way they look, Darren."

Sarah (with authority): "Strangers that don't know us Darren do not know you're older*."
[*by a whopping seven minutes.---CRL]

Mommy (with authority): "Seriously Darren, Uncle Craig is MUCH taller than me, but I am older."

Darren (with authority): "Mom, people can obviously tell you're older because of your face."

Admittedly, he's got an assessment based in reality.

Make a comment with your guess as to the age difference [hint: it's more than seven minutes!]between my brother (a.k.a. Uncle Craig) and me and be entered to win a copy of Twinspiration.
[Believe me, no offense will be taken! I'm abundantly happy at---and with---my age.]

Happy Almost Weekend, Friends!
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Dana said...

that rotten boy! hahahaha!

Megan said...

Oh, kids. God love 'em.

I'm gonna go with 8 minutes. And not a minute more. ;-)

cat said...

About 2 years? The little bugger with the face thing!

It alway amazes me that who was born first is so important for twins.

Rebecca said...

OMG...that would have resulted in me lunging in the back seat to get a swat at my son while still trying to steer the car!! Kids! I already own and love your book though, so I won't be guessing.

Terra said...

That cracked me up. Lauren often says to me "you know mom, we have a lot in common - but not our hair, thank goodness "NO OFFENSE" or a similar statement followed with the same disclaimer...I recently told her if you have to NO OFFENSE you shouldn't say what you are saying!!!

Jeremi said...

that's a riot -- your kids crack me up.
i'm going to guess 5 years and that's not based on any sort of assessment, purely a guess. and i'd love a copy of your book : )

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Kids are brutally honest, aren't they? Mine can't even talk, but the way they play with my belly button...well, I just wonder what they're thinking. Hahaha!!!

I'll take a gander and say 7 years (but only as a play on your kids being 7 minutes apart). I'm not a good judge of age. My girlfriend teases me that I tend to make sweeping statements and say people are "our age"...even though she is 5 years younger. :)