Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Snapshot: Penguins and Puzzles

Slower-to-start-up Sarah reclines and watches some Penguins of Madagascar..
While up-and-at-'em Darren jumps into a puzzle book..

...and assesses who-does-what in our household!

[Although I daresay if you looked closely at the top picture, I've certainly shirked my "Clean"-ing responsibilities!]

How's your weekend looking thus far?

Post a picture...or two, or three...and share a peek!

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Annie said...

Looks like a great Saturday!!'

Enjoy the weekend.

Jeremi said...

This post just made me smile -- I really enjoy your style of writing Cheryl : )

Happy 4th from Minnesota!

Terra said...

I have an up and at em and a slow to start one too! Isn't funny how two can be so different (even twins - though mine are not!)

The older my oldest gets the slower she is to start...H on the other hand is up before the birds and ready for the worms.

cat said...

A great Saturday!