Friday, September 24, 2010

Finished for Friday: Notes of Niceness

After birthday kindnesses, a little letter writing was in order!

Stamped and sent, okay...maybe a few more to do...but most of the twins' birthday thank you notes are Finished for Friday.
What has your household accomplished this week? Play along with ThreeUnder at Lit & Laundry!
Happy Almost Weekend
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Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Very cute! I need to get my kids in on that when their b'days roll around next year. :)

Terra said...

such a necessary chore! I love it!

A Daddy Blog said...

Did you go to BlogHer in NYC with my wife? So nice to find a new blog. Our two year old toddler just scribbles pictures on her thank you cards so far. Def something we'll want to have her do (my brother is good about his kids doing it). I've a few friends with twins. Sometimes wish we'd had two for one, but you can tell me if I'm naive in thinking that a good thing (at least at certain ages). I'm off subject, though.

I do tend to filter things like the Elmo-Perry video thing through the mind of the father of a little girl now. Per your point about delegating responsibility to others for guiding our kids in matter of appropriateness in any area, I'm with you. Too often parents expect schools, churches and the government to things where the buck really stops with us. I guess I do what them to do stuff that compliments my efforts, but I can't say "it's all your fault"... 'cause all I need to do is look in the mirror to find out whose fault it is ultimately.

Sorry way off track. Should write a blog about this. I'm following you on NetworkedBlogs and Twitter. Feel free to like me on Facebook... if, well... you like me. Oh, if you really want to go crazy, follow me on Google and Twitter. LOL.

A Daddy Blog said...

Wow... just reread what I posted. I do speak English as a first language. LOL. I corrected some of my typos in the comment on my blog, but of course must live with my errors for all eternity on your blog. ;)