Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Upstairs Downstairs

Prior to plural pregnancy, my man and I watched TV of all ilk on whichever* of our two televisions seemed most convenient---or comfortable. (*Hardcore Cosmopolitan magazine followers, forgive us; for we have sinned. Yes, we have a potentially sex-trumping TV in the boudoir. We find intimacy in shared entertainment.)

Once the babes were born, our then weekly screenings of  The Sopranos segued down the stairs. The shared 1929 wall separating our rooms--while undoubtedly thicker than modern counterparts---was surely incapable of blocking the Bada Bing language.

Now nine, from context clues alone our twins can catch cues and readily voice new vocabulary.

So Mad Men? The closest our kids will get is to make their own Mad Men versions of their daddy and me.

Rescue Me
? Off their radar.

The Wire?  Waaaay low on the volume, on another floor of the house.

What in-home date-night delights do you "duck" away for?
[Feel free to 'fess up to a sleeping space set-up!]
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Leslie said...

ha ha, we have a tv in our room too!!

We don't watch much, so it is actually the main tv in thehosue, we've been known to all flop across the bed to watch a movie or the olympics or a hockey game!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

We have a 42" (!!!) TV in our room. We watch a lot of "Build a House" (DIY or HGTV) and "Find a House" (House Hunters), or sports (me, only by default--unless it's tennis).

cat said...

I have banished a TV from our bedroom, but as Mickey Mouse clubhouse is taking over the lounge one, I am reconsidering.

Christina Tinglof said...

No TV in our bedroom either. We used to have it there but then we'd come home and just stare at it all night--no talking, no hanky-panky. But I digress...
Now that our twins are teens, it's hard to watch "adult content" because they're up with us! They try to sneek in Family Guy, but I won't allow it and then make them watch Oprah with me!