Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad Haiku Friday: On Aging

At age twenty-six
Nature's progress felt so cruel
Waning days of youth

Seriously though,
The Rolling Stones had it right
Time is on my side

When young, life was fine
At the time, I thought it great.
Now, I know better

Worries about the future
All seem silly now

Life is for living
Accept who you want to be
No apologies

Breasts, they will descend
Cellulite will grace one's thighs
But smile lines deepen

Kiss the one you love
With your lips and with your words
Each day is a gift

Twins, they bring laughter
Inspire pride and thanks to God
Family life so full

So bring on wrinkles
And magnifying glasses
Mom jeans? Maybe not...

Thoughts on 46?
Excited, grateful, gleeful
Aging happily!

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Rebecca said...

This is just what I needed after the post I wrote yesterday. Love your outlook and the fact that you won't succumb to Mom jeans!

Terra said...

ah yes I was nudged by FB letting me know of an impending Bday in your world. You wear it well! Happy Birthday young lady!

Tracey said...

Perfectly put! Happy happy happy day to you!!

Jeremi said...

best line -- 'kiss the one you love with your lips and with your words each day is a gift'.

thank you for sharing!

happy bday too : )