Tuesday, January 18, 2011

She's with The Band...

...and not just The Band, but plenty of other classic rock megastars from the looks of her "while my hair dries" doodle. Can only imagine what her high school notebooks will be adorned with if this is the result of a piece of paper and a marker at age 9.
What band names were written on the notebooks of your youth?

I'll start---The Rolling Stones, Devo, The Clash, The GoGos, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Pat Benatar...and Queen. (Like mother, like daughter...) Share your early soundtrack!
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The MIGHTY CHR said...

HAHA, I thought this WAS MY NOTEBOOK!!! (Though the Eagles and The Band both are OVER-RATED)

By the way, Gene just called and would like the "S"s corrected please. :-)

Tell her to take out The Eagle and The Band and replace with The Police, Van Halen, add YES and she can give me a notebook anytime!

Terra said...

ok, mine aren't notebook doodlers yet. The oldest may never be the youngest doesn't have any school notebooks yet but hers would be full of scribble if she did!!!

Rebecca said...

I love this...what good taste she has!

I'll go with Billy Joel (lame), The Steve Miller Band (lamer), The Eagles (cool), Police (eh), and Van Halen (jump!). We'll leave out the first concert I ever attended (Richard Marx...WTH?)!