Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wait a Minute, Honey---Gonna Ad it Up

He-Twin and She-Twin are the offspring of parents fully-immersed in the advertising world.

So it comes as little surprise that over dinner, Darren and Sarah opened the verbal envelopes on their personal Clios.

Sarah's choice as Best Commercial:
(admittedly, for its ridiculousness)

Sarah's choice as Worst Commercial
("The music creeps me out.")
The Goldwater Law Firm

Darren's choice as Best Commercial
(Who doesn't adore Betty White?)

Darren's choice as Worst Commercial
(this is not the exact one he detests, but...)

Humor us; ask your progeny which spots charm and alarm them.
(Feel free to share the spots for which you abandon your DVR's dodge capability, as well as those which force you to fast-forward ...)
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Terra said...

I can tell you right now the most hated commercials by my children are those that have anything to do with an election...They run screaming "I'm (so and so) and I approved this message" AGHHHHHHH

Missy said...

So funny! My girls love the "Hey you woodchucks, stop chucking my wood!"

Cheryl Lage said...

Missy! The agency for whom I work---The Martin Agency here in Richmond VA---is the creative entity behind the GEICO advertising! Tell Emma and Abby we appreciate their appreciation!

Jen C. said...

Any Allstate commercial with Mayhem. Our family favorite that gets our kids all up and bouncing is the "shaky...shaky, shaky" tree limb. I have never seen my husband laugh so hard at the TV in my whole life.

Faith Unraveled said...

Hey Cheryl! Your kids are adorable as always. I have really missed Way Back and Makes My MOnday. I have been so out of the loop. Carissa