Monday, January 3, 2011

You May Say She's a Dreamer

She-Twin has always had a thing for music.

When polled by their teacher, her third grade classmates professed a preference for hip-hop and pop. Never a follower, Sarah publicly and unabashedly declared her continued commitment to classic rock---which she readily differentiates from 'plain rock'. [Longtime readers may remember her five-year-old affinity for Roger Daltrey. My maternal heart still breaks a bit remembering the homemade Valentine sent to his publicist that received no response...]

Some months ago, upon a a radio play of John Lennon's Imagine in the car, Sarah shamed us all into silence with a conversation condemning, "Be quiet! This is an important song."

How thrilling to discover the upright piano upon which Mr. Lennon composed the iconic piece while touring the MIM in Phoenix over the holidays.

Hope one day you can join us...and the world will live as one.
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Tracey said...

That is so awesome! What a thrill for Sarah...she's even dressed like a classic rocker!!

debi9kids said...

How awesome! I have several kids that LOVE classic rock and thrills me. I so much prefer that to hip hop.
What a cool moment for Sarah to see that piano....

Terra said...

I've said it before, and I will say it again.

She is amazing.

The Smiths said...

How cool! My husband is a lover of classic rock..and he, too, will inform us to "hush, this is an important song!"

I love for music is great!

Devri said...

What a great treat for her to see that piece and piano! What a gifted child you got there! ps. Happy New Year!

Rebecca said...

So amazing...a love of music is timeless, so I'm sure it will bring her happiness for a long long time!