Monday, February 21, 2011

Advertising at Rest

Face it: if our forefathers in the form of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln---even Chester A. Arthur---were alive today, they'd surely take offense that we "honor" them by taking a day off from gainful employment. Americans are worker bees. As such, not every three day "weekend" is a feasibility. As the PT out-of-homer, kids coming with me---to my very family-friendly workplace---made sense.

The twins saw not one, not two, not three, but four fellow ad agency offspring. They rode Razor scooters indoors. Ate treats. Aided in the coffee run. She-Twin did a scratch track voice-over. He-Twin composed copy for a spot of his own; coincidentally, a homework assignment...written within the same architectural confines as commercials that are part of our national pop cultural lexicon.

Afterward, like any good ad man, he rested his creative mind, and took in a little television.

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cat said...

Oh my word, that last picture is hysterical!

The Smiths said...

Absolutely LOVE the last picture...Now, I read your title and I! she noticed the same thing I did. I noticed that this weekend, I saw so many mattress commercials..thinking "HOLY WOW! is President's Day the major Mattress sale extravaganza?!"

I do agree all holidays should be about rest! I strongly agree on this one..only because I want to partake in rest as well. :)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

So funny that he choose that spot to kick back and relax. Hilarious!

Barbara Manatee said...

ha! was that supposed to be a chair? or a table? interesting either way!

Terra said...

Ok all the homework aside, that picture is priceless

Anonymous said...

Great photo! So lucky that your workplace is family friendly and what a great opportunity for your kids to see how you work. Love it.