Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Regrets---They've Had a Few

Everyone makes mistakes; oh yes, they do.

Last Friday, an afterschool, pre-play practice bout of poor judgment landed Sarah and Darren---and five of their friends---in the principal's office.

As parents, we adore our like-minded principal. As students, our twins have a healthy respect for his loving, yet very firm, authority.

Our penitent pair penned their apologetic confessions:

Here's hoping their sincere "Sorry-s" go down on their permanent record.
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Julia said...

"We could've broken our necks."

I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but I am laughing--a lot, actually.

Sounds like they learned their lesson!

Barbara Manatee said...

impressive letters!

And I must admit - I giggled at the "we could've broken our necks" too.

Holly Ann said...

Those were very well thought out letters. It seems as though they learned a good lesson from this incident. As a teacher, I've always loved the idea of writing letters like this - they get kids really thinking about how to make better choices in the future. Letters like this can also show kids that sincerely apologizing really can and does make things better.

MD Life said...

It`s a Big Mistake They done..
But it looks fun
MD Life

Thank you For sharing

cat said...

Very impressive letters! But I am sure they had fun in the process.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

It sounds like your guys learned an important lesson. And I always appreciate seeing how you handle discipline at your place. I'm taking notes, Cheryl!

Helene said...

Wow, those letters are very impressive. Most adults don't even apologize that well! And how wonderful that they wrote it down, where it can be saved somewhere in a scrapbook to be pulled out a time when....say, their own kids pull a similar stunt in the future!!

Rebecca said...

These are hysterical...I'm sorry that they got in trouble (although a little trouble isn't going to kill anyone...or maybe it will), but these letters are parental gold!

Thanks for sharing!

Missy said...

What well-written letters. I love the idea of writing the letters - a lot of thought and effort went into them and I know the lesson will not be forgotten.
Love it!