Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Courtesies for Cash and Cookies

Now that our twins are older, it's charming to watch their relationships develop with caring characters outside our nuclear family.

Mrs. Taylor---a woman whose insight shared via prose and pro-active gesture---inspires me with our every conversation. This past Sunday at church, she passed a package to Darren and Sarah. Inside was a note revealing a personal story of her father's generosity. How he often did special things for his children, and when asked the impetus for his kindness, he'd simply respond "Just because." Clearly, she was carrying on a much-loved tradition.

He-Twin and She-Twin knew notes were in order---just because.
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Tracey said...

Every part of this post is inspiring!

Holly Ann said...

There's no better reason for doing something kind than "just because." Lovely.

Andrea said...

Those thank you notes are too sweet! You are raising your kids well! :)

Terra said...

I wish my parents were like that...Really D-Twin...I have a feeling your parents are exactly like that...when they aren't busy parenting that is!