Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sleepover Schedule: Unabridged

To think I thought the short-list was entertaining! Apparently, that version was simply the Cliff's Notes for the pluperfect party plan:
Again, names have been eliminated to protect innocent identities---because yes, at 9, you can be "hot boy," and retain your anonymity in the blogosphere. [Pickles---the host family's dog---is okay with her name "out there."]
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Dakotapam said...

Ok, so my newly 9 year old Owen is the perfect match for she twin! He loves Mad and the Regular show, though he won't fess up to iCarly. He has all of the Wimpy Kid books and movies memorized, and he is working on the perfect Bieber do. . .I just keep ruining it with haircuts!

I loved the list, it reminds me of hope "normal" my kid is. Thanks!

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

This has to be one of the cutest things I have EVER seen... I love that she shared it with you..... my heart melts!

A Helicopter Mom said...

That is SO sweet. I love it and can so clearly remember when I would have loved to do all of those types of things. :)

A Helicopter Mom

Barbara Manatee said...

So did they get any "sleep" on their sleepover?? I remember those days!!!

April is Autism Awareness Month. I'll be blogging all month about Autism.

Andrea said...

Thi seriously cracks me up! Your daughter is a very precise, detailed girl! Did the list making come from Mom?!?! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

OMG, this is awesome!! And so, so cute. (And OMG!! I don't even want to think Maggie will be at this stage in 3 years!!!!)

Terra said...

I absolutely love this! Has the party happened? did it all go down well? I am dying to see a picture of the "hot boy"!!!