Monday, May 16, 2011

Master Thespian

In his backpack today, a Shakespearean graphic novel---Hamlet, to be exact.
Over the weekend, he chose to participate in the mass (600+ boys, aged 9-11) casting call for the role of Tad Lincoln in the upcoming Spielberg feature to be filmed here in Richmond.
(FYI: Since Darren is no longer in the running, Double Daddy has declared we shall now refer to the lost role as "Turd Lincoln.")

Me? I'm still basking in the glow of my "Merchant #1" who blossomed into "Baker."

Do tell; what are your kids (or you!) doing lately that swells your heart with pride? What strengths are they demonstrating?

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Tracey said...

Go for it Darren...Steven Spielberg will find you sooner or later...super cool that he tried out.

cat said...

Great or trying - obviously Spielberg made a huge mistake there.

And for me - the Princess that goes out of her way to compensate for her brothers being unhappy - trying to cheer them up.