Sunday, May 22, 2011

Semi-Spiritual Sunday Snippet: Three Coins

Over snack...

Sarah: "Mom, does God always grant all the things we pray for?"

Mommy: "God always listens to our prayers, but he's not like a wishing well. I believe He always wants what's best for us, and is always with us when things are tough---or in those occasions when we don't get what we want and are confused and don't understand what's going on."

Sarah (with the confidence of a hypothesis supported): "I just knew He wasn't like a wishing well." (Then, under her breath...) "It's not like He's Santa or something."

Whew...and amen.
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The Smiths said...

I love it!!! thanks for sharing

Twingle Mommy said...

That's awesome!! I just love the things kids come up with.