Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Shoes to Fill

During a lame weekend tidy-up attempt...

Mommy: "Darren, pick up your socks. They're in the middle of the living room floor."

Darren: "Those are Daddy's socks, not mine. You never tell 'Honeybunches' to pick up his socks."

He-Twin's humorous term of endearment selection, his avoidance of clean-up at all costs, and the fact his socks are now nearly large enough to be confused with Double Daddy's, Make My Monday.

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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said... it! Matt started calling me "babe" the other day. I nearly died!

Barbara Manatee said...

lol! 'honeybunches' - too cute!!

I don't have the trouble of thinking my boys' socks are Daddy's...but I can hardly tell the size apart on my two boys! (it doesn't help that Adam is wearing Jacob's old socks so I forget whose drawer they go in most days!)

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

:-) "honeybuches" love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm your newest follower! Thanks for hosting the blog hop!
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LisaWeidknecht said...

Have a great week! I put your button in my blog hop library at!

NC Sue said...

Thank you for checking out my blog and for leaving a link. I'm following you now!
BTW, I have a page on my site that lists more than 300 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page.


The Depews said...

Hopped over by way of Unexplained X2. Sorry for the double entry - had some problems with Mr. Linky.

Love the nickname. :) As for us, I can only hope the boys' feet stop growing at Daddy's moderate size 10s, because at this point one of them looks like big foot compared to his classmates. He has already been horrified to discover that they do not make (or our store doesn't carry) Lightening McQueen shoes outside of kids sizes. Just imagine how horried he will be when he's old enough to have to buy his own shoes and has to have them custom made to fit those boats.