Thursday, June 30, 2011

With Twins

Labor is doubled---(in more ways than one!)
When life with two babes begins.
Challenge to be sure, but rewards times two,
In a house with twins.

One has a penis; one has girl parts.
So restrooms? Both women's and men's---
Yet "Are they identical?" still got asked,
In the mall with twins.

"He looks like Dad!" "She looks like Mom!"
Onlookers declare with grins.
Makes both the children grimace,
In our house with twins.

Pottery Barn and Candace Olson
Nice yes---but for us---not wins.
Nothing beats the interior design,
That is a house with twins.

Amusement parks and playground fun,
One likes hills and one likes spins,
Mix them up at your expense,
In the ride with twins.

He likes fiction; She likes non-,
In this case, yangs and yins.
Such is the tale of reading books,
In our house with twins.

Days can be hard, consistency's tough,
But each night at our dual tuck-ins,
We say our prayers of heartfelt thanks,
We adore this life with twins.

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Harris Boys said...

LOVE!! my life is hectic and crazy most of the time, but I would never trade the blessing God gave me with my boys. Yay for twin mommas like you!

Terra said...

It cracks me up that people ask if they are identical. too funny! You are blessed and so are they! Great poem!

Barbara Manatee said...

oh how we love the 'are they identical' questions. Some people just don't think!

I love having twins and I often wonder what Adam will think/say about him NOT being a twin as he grows older and realizes the difference between his siblings and him (he may feel he's the only singleton as a LOT of our friends are twins!)

championm2000 said...

I love how you capture the "opposites" that come along with twins. Even at one year, I see so many opposites in my twins.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This is so cute!

So, what is the answer about the bathrooms? LOL