Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Way Back When-esday: Bracing Ourselves

Dateline: August 17, 2007
Twins' Age: 5

Four years ago today, She-Twin had lost only two of her "baby" teeth...sweet little teeth that were oh-so-straight.

This afternoon, along with He-Twin---who'd lost no teeth four years ago today---we venture out for an initial consult with the orthodontist. "Creepy Creepy Crossbite Kid"(as She-Twin has dubbed herself, likely with a He-Twin assist) may need some dental re-design.

Her excitement then, and her excitement now, warm my heart this mid-week.
[As an aside, no butterflies were harmed in this week's WBW image. Following its photo op, the beautiful bug winged away.]

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Jeremi said...

hey cheryl,

i'm terrible at commenting but always always enjoy peaking at what's going on in your corner of bloggyland : ) great photo!! and braces, oh my!

hope you're doing well, friend!

Vanessa@FrenchFoodieMom said...

I dove into my archives for today's post to come up with infant pics of my other kids as we gear up for a new round of infant pics in the hopefully not too soon weeks to come. Close call yesterday but no baby yet, thank God.

So happy that the beautiful butterfly flew away. Hoping you fly away without braces too!

Meagan Halquist said...

Here's to hoping your twins have better luck on the braces front that this lady did. Braces for 8 years!!! Good luck to she-twin and he-twin :)

debi9kids said...

omgohs! Braces?!? Is it really possible that your twins are old enough for braces????

Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

I love this story -- Wynne had a crossbite too! It reminds me of when she lost her first tooth, right up front on the bottom. We were all excited for her, but had to stop the tooth-fairy discussion when we noticed her little lip quivering and her big, green eyes brimming with tears. "What's the matter? are you sad about losing a tooth?" I asked her. Then she nodded and said, "It was my cutest one!"