Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Saints

**SPOILER ALERT: Young Lovers of Leprechauns, this post is NOT for your eyes.**

While surreptitiously retrieving the vial of leprechaun urine from our pantry shelves, I clumsily sent an open box of birthday candles cascading down the basement steps. After the slight detour, with impressive stealth, the St. Patrick-sy specimen was dispensed into the downstairs commode.

Mere minutes later, He-Twin entered the half-bath to dispense a fresh specimen of his own into the same commode. With no squeal of glee emerging, naturally, I entered* the bathroom. (*Don't condemn; it's not like they'd never interrupted me mid-pee...)

Mom (looking water-ward): "Darren! Are you peeing green?"

He-Twin (non-chalantly): "Naaah, it was green water when I came in."

About a half-hour later...

She-Twin (excitedly): "Mom! Is it St. Patrick's Day?"

Mom: "It is."

She-Twin (with sadness): "Ohhh, the leprechauns didn't come...."

Mom: "No, at least one did. Darren peed in the leprechaun pee downstairs."

He-Twin (squelchingly): "No, I peed in the food coloring."

For those curious when the leprechaun love may go awry, seems our answer is somewhere around ten...

Although at 47, I'm still quite fond.

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In honor of the very best color in the world, here's a holiday appropriate post from the past.


Terra said...

no I peed in green food coloring. so matter of it.

Tracey said...

Oh sad. The joy of the little leprechaun pranks at our house was overwhelming. Darren tell it like it that boy!

Barbara Manatee said...

ha! My Sarah thinks the leprechaun fell in the toilet and that's why the toilet water was green. They weren't sure if they could use the toilet for a while and then finally asked if it was ok. Adam was a lil leary of it all! ha!

cat said...

Does that go for Santa ans the Tooth faerie too?