Sunday, April 15, 2012

Makes My Monday: Close to My Heart

Re-occupation of our "regular" house will happen sooner than we dared hope! (Late May or June is the target now, as opposed to the original predictions of a year out-of-home....or more!)

Since Double Daddy's and my room took the brunt of the blow, all our dresser-top possessions were rapidly scooped into a sturdy plastic bag by a recovery team in the days following the incident. (We could not physically--and certainly, dared not---enter the space that night. Most of our personal day-to-day items---watches, earrings, recent kids' artwork, etc.----were atop that dresser.)

The bag obtaining those possessions (as well as a generous portion of plaster chunks, 1920's insulation, branches, leaves, broken glass, and the like) has sat sealed in our "relocation" house dining room for quite literally, months.

The idea of opening that sack---exposing the assumed stench, debris, and likely loss of special belongings---had been daunting enough to postpone it, until now.

Sunday's stunning weather facilitated an outdoor, fresh air sifting and searching; it seems many, if not most, of the objects will be cleanable, and salvageable.

None the least of which, my locket....

Even though things are "just things," a few precious recoveries Make My Monday.

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Barbara Manatee said...

Oh! That's wonderful that a lot was able to be salvaged and that your precious locket was amongst those items!!

So good to hear that the house is coming along at such a good pace, too!!!

Meryl said...

A true treasure. I hope you realize more and more of them as you recoup and move on. Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

Terra said...

What a treasure! I bet it fun to go through that bag! And to think, you are going home soon! I love that for you!

cat said...

Sometimes earthly posessions reflects our innermost, as this one do. SO glad for you

Threeundertwo said...

Oh that is really good news! So glad that something so precious could be recovered. Also very glad that you'll be moving back in ahead of schedule!