Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picture Day Panic and Profundity

School photos today.

He-Twin and She-Twin selected their attire last night.

This morning, He-Twin donned his white, short-sleeved oxford shirt and navy cargo pants. Done.

She-Twin put on her chosen ensemble. Changed her chosen ensemble. Placed a new rhinestone barrette in her hair. Too "loose." Took the barrette out of her hair. Sought another barrette. Not fancy enough. Replaced rhinestone barrette in hair. Removed it. Asked me to insert it more firmly. Maternal reinsertion did not pass muster. Removed and thrown into backpack pocket as we climbed into the car.

Here's hoping she remembers her self-composed advice this morning....

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1 comment:

Barbara Manatee said...

Surely something I have to look forward to with my Miss Priss, too! Hope the pics turned out great!