Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My First Twin-tervention

Doughnuts. Wine. Circus peanuts. iCarly reruns.
Plenty of my proclivities might make me the likely recipient of loving redirection.

While unpacking Target bags filled with our typically widely diverse purchases....

He-Twin (extracting a packet monster-face emblazoned notecards): "Mom, why do you buy greeting cards every single place we go?"

Mom (defensively): "Well, those were only a dollar and they are so cute---and look at the green envelopes! You never know when a cute little notecard is going to come in handy..."

She-Twin (with conviction): "Mom, you really should be on My Strange Addiction."

My little superheroes: keeping Mama in check since 2001.
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cat said...

It's like me with coloured pens!